Whirlpool Chest Freezer 300L WCF-300

Brand: Whirlpool

Model: WCF300

Dual Function

Manual Defrost

Front Drain

 66,000.00  49,500.00

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Whirlpool CF WCF300 Deep Freezer is a powerful and reliable deep freezer to meet your everyday needs. Easy To Clean Interior and Easy Rolling Wheels ensures better handling. This great refrigerator comes with Manual Defrost and Frontal Drain facility. Aluminium interior and lockable lid makes it a perfect choice for your household. Its designed to manage power efficiently while offering them superior freshness in food storage. With its amazing features, Whirlpool CF WCF300 Deep Freezer is a complete package for you and your family!

High Level Of Performance

Get this sleek chest freezer and enjoy high level of performance. It is rated as very energy efficient, and it doesn’t cause freezer burn. It is also good for you if you live in an area that is prone to power failures because it keeps food frozen longer when the power is off.

Wide Chest Freezer


This chest freezer has 100 liter capacity, which indicates extra large internal capacity to store all the groceries after shopping and cooking and perfectly fill your large storage with more flexibility and organization

One Efficient Basket

It includes 1 basket, which you can use it non-food items. It allows you to separate these items for other frozen foods like meat, fish, veggies, etc.

Fast Freeze Function

This feature is necessary for preserving most of the minerals in the food. It helps you to chill large quantities of food fast at just inserting your items into the freezer. It is very efficient, especially when you do shopping and have lots of items needed to be frozen all at once and within a short period of time.


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